Peek In On This Colorful Swedish Home

I am in Helsinki now but when I get back, I have to leave again and go to Sweden for work with the Swedish tourism board. I know, tough life. Right now, I have a few trips per month all the way until December 4th. Then, I'm home for a few months so I get a break and can be with my little boy again. I always miss him when I'm away, but grateful for Whatsapp and Skype so we stay close.

I love Sweden, and have only been to the west once so I'm returning and this time, to Gothenburg and some small nearby towns, too.

swedish story decor8 4.jpg

With Sweden on my radar, I had to share the home of textile designer Emma von Brömssen because it's filled with such great color and pattern. It's very personal and unique. It's a three story home located in Västra Frölunda, just outside of Gothenburg where I will be.

swedish story decor8 5.jpg
swedish story decor8 2.jpg
swedish story decor8 1.jpg
swedish story decor8 6.jpg
swedish story decor8 3.jpg

This designer shares the space with her husband and three children, and though you can't see all of the rooms here, you can get a feel for the home with the vignettes and corners shown. Aren't her drawings and paintings above on her office wall just stunning? I love how her home reflects her obvious connection and love for nature. It's so natural, relaxed and typical Swedish - to me at least. Be sure to check out her portfolio where you can view her wallpaper, textiles and more. She's quite a talented lady!

By the way, have you ever been to Gothenburg before? Any tips for me? I'll have 24 hours there alone, so if you can point me in the right direction, I'd be so happy!

(Photographer: Carl Dahlstedt for Inside Out)