8 Plant Shops You Need To See

Hi friends! I'm in Helsinki at the moment shopping, touring a design fair and hanging out with new friends and bloggers who are touring along with me. It's really nice and a lot of fun to be in Finland for the first time - it's all just wonderful. While I'm out and about shopping (follow me @decor8 on Instagram to see what I see along the way), I've been thinking about how much shops inspire me when I travel and how they give you a real sense of the city and those who live there, don't you think?


Today I thought we could go shopping together, only for plants. I think the plant trend finally got the best of me because I never cared to have many in my home before, but now I have more than ever before in my life! Like maybe 20 and for me, that's a collection!

My mother with her macrame planters would be so proud of me! I finally like plants and have learned to care for them. I can't believe I typed that.

Here are some charming plant shops around the world to check out for inspo today. I wonder if Helsinki has some good plant (or flower) shops? Do you know? Hmmmm....

1. Kaktus KĂžbenhavn, Copenhagen (website and Instagram). I hope to catch a peek at this store when I go to Copenhagen next May. Will be fun to finally see it in person. Looks so cute. I love the idea of an entire shop devoted to cactus! Click on any of the photos above to enlarge or save. And don't the shop owners look so cute?


2. Botany, London (website and Instagram). I'll be back in London in November so I plan to definitely hit this shop up! I love their pots, too!

decor8 plant story plant shop seattle1.jpg

3. Plant Shop, Seattle (website and Instagram). For those on the west coast USA, this looks like quite a heavenly spot for plant shopping, doesn't it? Anyone been before?


4. Wildernis, Amsterdam (website and Instagram). I found these guys on Instagram and have been following them ever since. What a sweet shop. I will go when I'm in Amsterdam for Meet The Blogger in November.

forest london decor8 plant story.jpg

5. Forest London, London (website and Instagram). This place looks so nice and classy for a plant shop, doesn't it? And they carry Aesop. I'm such an Aesop fan lately, you too?

decor8 plant story packwood 01.jpg
decor8 plant story packwood 02.jpg

6. Plant By Packwood, Fitroy, Australia (website and Instagram). Oh Australia. I love how many things from your country impress me and beckon me to come visit....

plant story decor8 green depot.jpg

7. The Green Depot, Western Australia (website and Instagram). How cute is this??? Seriously!

Niche Boston decor8 plant story.jpg

8. Niche, Boston (website and Instagram). Sometimes I miss Boston with it's sweet shops and great places to eat. I have a lot of memories there! I never shopped Niche before, but it looks like a great plant shop to visit if you're in the neighborhood!

What is your favorite plant store and where is it? Please leave a link in the comments section below!

(Photography: Linked to shops above except for Fashiable, GQ and Boston Magazine.)

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