RICE Introduces Everyday Magic Porcelain Collection

What a difference a good friend can make! About 8 years ago, I met Charlotte Gueniau, the Founder and Creative Director of RICE Denmark. I was working for a day in her gorgeous lakeside home in the Danish countryside as Interior Stylist along with Photographer Debi Treloar, and we were shooting for my first best-selling book, Decorate. At that time, I was so green, so young, so new to everything and the industry in general. I was also new to Europe, I had just immigrated here less than 8 months prior. I also had NO CLUE that my first book would become such a success story, so you can imagine a younger, very naive me on one of my first photoshoots EVER. I was confident and excited, but also very nervous!

When I met Charlotte though, my anxiety melted away. She was this ray of love and light, but also a real powerhouse, an unstoppable creative force, and I had nothing but heart eyes and respect for her. So many years later, I still feel the same way. She's a real go-getter and has so much power inside - she's been nothing but a role model to me. Over the years, we've met up many times, she's been to Hannover, I've visited her in several cities (she's always on the go) and we even did a girl's weekend in London years ago that left me inspired and feeling quite empowered. She also gave me so much support when I wanted to have a baby - after our conversation about family, I made it happen and the result is that I had my beautiful son Aidan. A good friend can really impact your life.

RICE everyday magic porcelain collection

That's why when I heard she was launching the EVERYDAY MAGIC porcelain collection, made in Portugal, I wanted to share it here on decor8. To show support for all she's done for me AND to share these lovely tabletop pieces that I am sure many of you will like and enjoy to set your table with - they are whimsical and fun!

RICE everyday magic porcelain collection
RICE everyday magic porcelain collection
RICE everyday magic porcelain collection
RICE everyday magic porcelain collection
Our wish is to surround you with objects that are down to earth but still funky, fun and functional.
— - RICE

Rice is a Danish homewares and accessories company known for colorful melamine, baskets, party goods, and storage. With this new collection, they've expanded into Portuguese porcelain and it's, in my opinion, a great new direction. Some of my favorites from this collection include the watercolor floral plate shown directly above, the marbled motif in pink and the leopard and cockatoo motifs on plates and mugs. The leopard mug is definitely my favorite of them all! Do you see anything that catches your eye?


Thank you, Charlotte for inspiring me throughout the years, and all the best on your new collection!



(Photography with permission from RICE DK)