4 Simple DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring

Hey there! It is officially Spring, in fact I just celebrated my birthday last Thursday on the first day of Spring so that’s one date I never forget. I love this time of year (you too???), but it’s not very warm yet where I live so I’m at home a lot doing some low key stuff and planning for my balcony and wintergarten spruce-up which will take place sometime in April. I can’t wait because nothing feels better than evenings out on the balcony with some Rosé and a friend! Am I right or am I right girls?

SO! Today I want to show you some simple and cute wreaths for Spring that I made before my birthday. I’ll admit right now that I’m not the Martha Stewart of wreaths in any sense (oh hell no), but I bet a lot of you are which means that you can use my ideas as sort of a template or springboard to make your own, way cooler, versions.

My wreaths are super simple and cute and can be done in under 30 minutes. That means you can make a few while you Netflix. Also, you can even make them with your children, because they are totally easy enough for a child to make. Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn’t say much for my crafting competence, but whatever (ha ha). Let’s get started.

4 Unusual DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • 1 gold hoop from the craft store (mine is from Sostrene Grene)

  • off-white yarn

  • scissors (duh)

  • leather string in natural

  • some beads in natural, dark gray and white (mine are from Sostrene Grene)

  • nylon transparent cord (the kind you use for making necklaces)

  • 3 white paper ferns (from my DEPOT collection, or make your own by tracing a fern with pencil and cut it out carefully)


Make a pattern on the hoop using your yarn, in anyway you like! Do your thing! Then, add some leather cord with beads on it. You can add more than one cord, again, be creative. On the bottom, hang your ferns in different lengths using nylon cord. Could this be any easier?

4 Unusual DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • Metal hoop, just the cheapest because you cover it anyway

  • grosgrain ribbon (looks fancy)

  • butterfly from craft store (or anything you want to use here to “embellish”

  • dried flowers

  • wire (that bends easily, is easy to work with using bare hands)

  • wire cutters (please don’t use your scissors)

  • scissors

  • Dried flowers (I’ve used baby’s breath that was dyed first in rainbow colors)


Starting at the where you determine the bottom to be, wrap the hoop with ribbon all the way to the top and tie. Then wrap the other side and tie at the top. On the bottom, use wire and create small bouquets of dried flowers in your hand, wrap them with wire, then wire them onto the hoop, slightly layering one “bouquet” over the other. Add three long ribbons to drape, and a butterfly. That’s it.

4 Simple DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • Ribbons you love, a good mix

  • Fabrics, cotton (thin) that tear easily

  • Scissors

  • leather cord

  • beads

  • Hoop (something cheap, doesn’t have to be pretty, you will cover it anyway)

  • small piece of slim white yarn


This is the most time-consuming out of the 4 wreaths in this post, but it still only took me exactly 30 minutes and a few “F” bombs because the stupid ribbon and wrapping it… well it’s kinda a pain until you get the hang of it and sometimes I’m not that patient. OK. First, wrap ribbon around the hoop, I’ve used satin and found it really easy to wrap. Once the wrapping is finished, determine the length of the fabrics and ribbons. You may need to hold the hoop where you plan to hang it because the furniture around it may determine the length for you. Regardless, once you have an idea of how long you’d like them to hang, start cutting and securing to the hoop. Then, add some leather cords - place some beads on them, and tie at the end in a double knot so the beads don’t slip off (sorry, this is sooooo common sense here, but you know, there is always someone…. ha ha). Next, tie a loop of white yard at the top and hang on a nail. DONE.

4 Unusual DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • nylon transparent cord (the kind you use for making necklaces)

  • grosgrain ribbon in a color you love

  • 2 white paper ferns (from my DEPOT collection, or make your own by tracing a fern with pencil and cut it out carefully)

  • matte gold hoop (silver looks cheap)

  • scissors

  • hot glue + gun


  • Apply the two ferns with hot glue, layering them slightly

  • Add ribbon to the top

  • hang from the ceiling on nylon transparent cord so that it moves around a little, which can be strangely pretty and calming

If you try these out, show me on Instagram by using hashtag #MYDECOR8 - I’d love to see how you’ve used my recipes above in your own unique way. Also want to note that my lovely friend Gabi from Mooi Moin in Hannover helped me with the Minimalist wreath shown above, that’s her modeling for me!

Lots of love to you all, and happy Spring to you!


(Photography: HOLLY BECKER)