Beautiful Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations

Hello everyone, with Easter approaching fast, I will quickly show you my table decoration for this year plus a delicious cake that you’ll love. But first, hi, this is Anke Illner back with another column for everyone who loves to set a table (and eat!). Let’s get started, shall we?

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


I combined long birch branches with dried hydrangea from our garden. When my husband cut back the hydrangea bushes the other day, I saved some twigs as I like the tender and fragile look of the faded tiny flowers so much. It turned out they look beautiful in my floral wall hanging (scroll down for that). Also, you can see some white and greenish ranunculus mixed in on the table.

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


My white tableware teamed up with some pieces from the Lyngby Rhombe Collection such as the tall vase, porcelain Easter eggs, platter and candle holder. In my opinion the delicate rhombe relief pattern suits perfectly on festive occasions like Easter and adds some elegance to your table.

Instead of a tablecloth. I used long sheets of transparent white paper on top of my white tabletop giving the overall style a look of lightness even on such a long table. White baking parchment is a good choice as it comes rolled up and you can cut it exactly the size needed. Also I like an irregular arrangement of the paper on the table, playing with the lengths.


Each linen napkin is decorated with a small birch twig and a tiny white blossom made of flower tissue paper. The blossoms are easily made by simply cutting round shapes out of the paper, forming a blossom and „turning“ a little stem between your fingers. So make some more paper flowers and spread them on the table!

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


Easter Sunday without a sweet treat? No way! I made a Pistachio Cake following a recipe by Sally/ sallysbakingaddiction and I can highly recommend it! You will be rewarded with the most delicious, moist pistachio sponge. I enjoyed making this cake very much.

On top, I’ve decorated it with ground and chopped pistachios and chocolate Easter eggs. It may be nice to note that I did not use any food coloring but took the pistachios you find on the supermarket shelf with the baking ingredients because those are extremely green!

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations
Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


First I thought about making a classic wreath but decided upon imperfection instead. For a wall hanging like mine take one long branch, attach a string to both ends and tie twigs of different lengths onto the branch. Then attach Easter eggs or other pendants of your choice. Finally, add the voluminous pieces like ranunculus and dried hydrangea. I use raffia to tie.

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations

I hope you like my Easter table 2019, maybe you found inspiration for your celebration next weekend. Many of the ideas shown can be realized almost last minute if you ask me.

HAPPY EASTER to all of you, dear decor8 readers! Love, Anke

(Photography/Text/Concept + Styling: Anke Illner)