Rachael Sudlow

At first glance, you may think this is a beautiful photo of the countryside, perhaps the midwestern plains where the deer and the antelope play. Look again. That's not ground there cowgirl, that's fur. Yup. And that's neither deer nor antelope. It's 100% pure un-ground beef - nothing other than your standard cow. That's what I dig about Rachael's photography series, "Cowscapes", at first glance, you think you know what you're looking at, but then you realize that you so don't. A recent grad of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rachael enjoys modern takes on not-so-modern life. Who ever thought you could photograph a cow and display it proudly in your contemporary loft? I can totally see her work installed over a lush chocolate NATUZZI sofa with hardwood floors, creamy white walls, an open floor plan, and a few Eames Tom Rock Chairs with bright orange throw pillows. I think Cowscapes is brilliant and that Rachael's art certainly creates an interesting mooood for any room, don't you think? (photo from the Cowscapes series). A special thanks to Rachael for telling me about Cowscapes!