ask decor8: Giraffe Pillows?

decor8 reader Jamie from Durham, North Carolina is looking for a pillow in the shape of a giraffe with a giraffe screenprinted on it. She said she's looking for something along the lines of these at urbans. Does anyone have a clue where she can find something like this?

The closest I could come are the giraffes over at Swigg Critters (hand silk-screened on vinyl) from Romp in Brooklyn, but they're still not quite hitting the mark. I found a few orange giraffes, but neither are screenprints. One is from Lotta Jansdotter via Repro Depot, and the other is Jia giraffe from Zid Zid Kids.

Can anyone please help Jamie?

(images from swigg, reprot depot, and ziz zid)