Pretty Things from Ballard Designs

I've written about Ballard Designs a few times before, but I had to post about them again since they've just added a white coral chandelier that I'm crazy about! It manages to remain understated, yet when you do notice it, it makes quite a bold statement. I like that it's actually in white vs. red because it allows one to change the color scheme of the room without having to replace the lighting - white goes with nearly everything! The white is very au naturale - it reminds me of the sun bleached coral that you can pick up at beach stores on the Cape on in the Carolinas.

Also on my wish list from Ballards... Mirrors! If the recent issue of Domino magazine left you yearning for decorative reflectives, further feed your mirror addiction at Ballards. I've purchased several mirrors from them for clients, so I have first hand experience - the mirrors are stunning and packaged extremely well.

Did you see the new Bellesol mirror with sixteen mirror panels arranged in a circle with an antique gold stain? For $149, it's a super find.

The bullseye convex mirrors are another favorite of mine. They'd look great in a room with black and white silhouette pictures and perhaps a wall decal of black branches creeping out from the corner of the room against a lovely light gray wall. What do you think for $128/set of 3?

And, totally unrelated to mirrors and lighting, aren't these cheerful hooksfor $15 a stylish and practical way to spruce up your laundry room or closet? Their vintage style ceramic knobs remind me of the hooks my great grandmother had in her farmhouse in Rhode Island. I love seeing reproductions that to our generation, are 'stylish', yet to my great grandmother, it was just a common hook - it was all that was available in the town hardware store half a century ago for a nickel. Funny to think about, isn't it?

(images from ballard designs)