Inspired By: Notebook Magazine

I just spent a good part of my morning finishing up ‘08 taxes while listening to the new Depeche Mode CD for the second time (trying to decide if I like it or not) while simultaneously browsing the galleries over at Notebook magazine. I must say the whole mind numbing exercise of adding numbers together was a lot less stressful listening to music so loudly that, yes Mom, will one day make me deaf. Now I’m running to visit our accountant but before I head out, I simply must share some gorgeous eye candy from Notebook mag, another hot little Australian publication that I recently discovered. Those Aussies! I’ve decided that in addition to Marrakesh, Tokyo and Istanbul, I must add Australia to my list of destinations because I simply cannot take looking at another publication out of that country - I need to see if their world is how I imagine it through the pages of magazines published there. If so, I will certainly never want to come home.

Notebook appears to be a good mix of fashion and interiors, it reminds me ever-so-slightly of the former Blueprint mag we had here in the states. I like the many styles of decor that they highlight, from rustic modern to midwest modern, 1940’s fashion, European country, modern country, eclectic and beyond. Here’s a little visual taste to whet your appetite. All I can say is this woman, from her eye makeup to her flawless skin and gorgeously ruffled dress (and of course the vintage car) had me at hello. Oh, and how lovely is that hallway below with that pale green door and wood pendant?

If you’d like to view more, click here to visit their many inspirational galleries where you can find photos grouped by topic. Enjoy!

(images: notebook magazine)