Decorate + decor8 on Facebook!

I got up this morning and felt so inspired to begin a new week... and I'm starting to feel really excited about my book launching on March 25 in the UK -- I can't wait! I have a Facebook fan page for Decorate and I'd love it if you would join because I'm not only sharing book contributors and their websites each day until the launch, but I'm also going to start listing upcoming book tour dates. So far, I have a book launch party secured in London on April 13 (I'll tell you where soon) and a book signing and blogger meet up scheduled in Amsterdam on June 25. :)

I'll also be speaking at the Blogher/Creative Connection event in St. Paul (please come if you can!!!) on September 15 and doing a book signing there that weekend, and on Sunday, September 18th I'll be in Berlin speaking at a huge event for small business that Etsy is hosting called Hello Etsy. It feels good to be booking dates to get out there and meet lots of you - I can't wait.

To stay in the loop please join the Decorate Facebook Page and if you'd like, the decor8 Facebook page too -- I'm posting stuff regularly on both fan pages for the book and the blog. :)


Here's to getting out there to mix +  mingle and sell some books - yay! These are exciting times for sure.

P.S. Thank you Casasugar for the great review!

(image: holly becker for decor8)