Book Review: See San Francisco


Hey there friends, my e-course just wrapped up which meant I went MIA but I'm back now and ready to share some goodies I've found. I've been dying to review Victoria Smith's debut book, See San Francisco, published by Chronicle Books so today is the day people! This is it! This is the review of my dear blogmate's gorgeous book. But first, let me just say that I had my honeymoon in SF in 2001 and spent two of the best weeks of my life there. I returned a few times since and Victoria and I share the same publisher. Victoria also started blogging the same year that I did - 2006 - so we've been following each other's careers ever since. I'm so happy for her and to see that she published a book about a city she knows and adores so much is just awesome. If anyone can tell you about SF and show you an alternative view, non-touristy, it's Miss Victoria from the blog SFGirlByBay. SeeSanFrancisco_decor8

This book is so pretty and I love how Victoria breaks the book down by sections so you can catch glimpses of Noe Valley, Bernal Heights, The Mission, Potrero Hill and Dogpatch, Soma, Downtown and Union Square, North Beach, Chinatown, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, The Marina, Pacific Heights, Hayes Valley, The Western Addition and Nopa, The Castro, Haight-Ashbury and Cole Valley, The Richmond and The Sunset. It also hightlights some of Victoria's favorite spots on page 150 by neighborhood from parks to farmers' markets, shops and ice cream shops. A real treat if you are new to San Francisco and want a genuine insider's view without all of the typical tourist spots.


SeeSanFrancisco_07 SeeSanFrancisco_05 SeeSanFrancisco_10

SeeSanFrancisco_01 SeeSanFrancisco_04



I love Victoria's snappy shots, it's refreshing to see books that aren't focused on all of the technical "perfect" pro shots but of someone who has a great eye, a camera in hand, and uses the camera as a means to capture what inspires her, tell a few stories and create some magic which Victoria has done so well throughout this book. I already gave a copy to my friend and she fell in love instantly and now she is dying to go out to SF to see the city for herself - all the way from Germany!

For me, the pastel tones and loads of light really grabbed me when I first saw the cover. And I love how the cover isn't just the best part, it's only a glimpse of what is to come which is page after page of one inspiring photo after another. It takes a lot to impress me these days with books about destinations but this is one of those titles that is more art and a coffee table book than some boring guide to a city.

Thank you Victoria for sending me your beautiful book and I wish you much success!

You can buy your copy here.

(images with permission, all shot by Victoria except copy shown by Holly Becker for decor8)