10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For March

Hi, it's Allan Torp back again and it is nearly the first day of Spring; not that it feels like it here in the European freezer! Luckily, I spent the most of last month in Los Angeles, so I certainly cannot complain. I am full of energy and bringing you yet another of my favorite things, which takes you on a journey to explore the things that I know, see, visit and really would like to visit. This is my fifth list here on decor8, so would love to hear in the comments what you think. Is there anything you would like more or less of? Anything you want me to test out for you? Places you want me to visit? Anything? Let me know. Okay, let's get started with my 10 Things for March.

String Shelf on decor8


I love a good shelving system, one that you can restructure over and over again, which quickly allows you to change up the whole look of the room it is in at no cost whatsoever. One of my favorites on the market is Swedish String. For many years, they just did the basic frame and shelves in a few different colors and woods, but now, they are finally seeing its full potential and creating new ways making it possible to use in any room. Newest to the String family is a bathroom model. Perfect for a smaller bathroom room, it’s both super stylish and very usable.

Artby founders

 2 // ART:

Artby is a new art brand – so if you are looking for new contemporary art for your walls you should keep an eye out on their limited editions pieces by carefully selected artists, "Artby is led by Karl Hardell and Sara Hardell Flagge. Apart from sharing a passion for contemporary art, we are interested in juxtaposing heterogeneity with unity. We search for diversity and strong artistic individuality, we also look for a coherent product line with unifying collection themes, special signature papers and uniform frames." The first collection is called FACE, four new artists have created different interpretations of the face and my favorite is this one by Swedish artist Viktor Cole.



Another new brand from Scandinavia launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair just last month. Nuura is inspired by Nordic nature for its four-piece collection. Designer Sofie Refer, alongside co-founders Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg, realized a beautiful hand-blown collection that consists of raindrop-shaped pendants, chandeliers, and modern table lamps. It’s definitely a task to find great chandeliers without serious crystal overload, which certainly isn’t the case with Nuura. My favorite is the Miira 4, which is just so simple and timeless, yet very handsome.

NoMad LA
NoMad LA

 4 // SLEEP:

In the midst of a cultural renaissance, Downtown Los Angeles is on the rise. New stores and hotels are popping up in the blink of an eye. Newest to the block is NoMad Los Angeles, located on the corner of 7th and Olive Street, and if you are following just a few of the biggest influencers, you’ll know this is the place right now. All the cool kids are hanging out by the rooftop pool with sweeping views of the city and downtown. Designed by French architect and designer Jacques Garcia, each of the 241 rooms at NoMad Los Angeles look to Italy for inspiration – a nod to the building’s storied beginning.

Saveus Sweden

 5 // LISTEN:

Danes might recognize this one, or they might not even be aware of how they recognize him, but his name is Martin and he won the first ever Danish edition of X-factor. Back then, he was just a kid, a very successful kid for sure, but now he is better known under the name Saveus -  and his newest single, “Time Can Heal A Man” is amazing. Turn up the volume and just wait until the choir starts, you’ll be blown away.

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 6 // GROOM:

I am probably not the only one who buys products based on the packaging, all three products this month certainly look great alone or together and do not have to be hidden away in the shower cabinet.

A.  Filmore’s daily kit is perfect for the everyday use, face wash, and moisturizer, you really don’t need much more. For the past month, I have been smiling every morning in the shower, as the coconut and pomegranate face wash brings me to a beach in paradise. The moisturizer is perfect for the busy guy, as it keeps your skin hydrated and doesn’t leave your face greasy. I really love that the bottle is an 'airless' dispenser to ensure that you get 100% of the product from the bottle, meaning zero waste and less mess.

B.  A good hand cream to me is a cream that absorbs quickly, I hate having to walk around with greasy hands for too long. It also has to smell good, a masculine scent is best, nothing worse than too much lavender, I mean, I really do not want to smell like an older lady. I came across Grown Alchemist, a black and white tube full of a subtle hint of vanilla and orange peel scents. Nothing grandma about that.

C.  I’ve grown my hair an inch longer, which also means I use a bit more product in my hair, so I wash my hair more often than usual. I've been using Davines Nounou shampoo lately and honestly, I picked it because I liked the name and the color. It is actually meant for damaged or processed hair, I believe mine is neither, nevertheless, it leaves my hair smelling nice and feeling soft.

Design Hotel Book

7 // READ:

If you love traveling as much as I do and appreciate a nice design hotel upon arrival, you’ll love this book. Every year, Design Hotel launches a beautifully curated catalog of all their member hotels and it’s pretty enough to have on your coffee table. It features 295 handpicked properties with glorious photographs and behind-the-scenes stories of the Original Hoteliers who brought them to life.

La Rambla Hong Kong

8 // EAT:

I've just booked my first trip to Hong Kong, going in May, so I am very curious to hear if you guys have any suggestions on where to eat. I have bookmarked La Rambla, a new restaurant that’s getting top reviews and was named one of 14 hot new restaurants in the world. So I am guessing it is pretty good. It is Spanish style with Chef Ferran Tadeo in the kitchen, who formerly worked at the legendary elBulli under José Andrés, so all plates and ingredients are as authentically Spanish as they come. Again, do let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Everclassic Denmark
Everclassic Denmark

 9 // SHOP:

You probably already know I love my mid-century designs. I like a mix of new and modern designs too. In my LA house, I just added two Eames LCW lounge chairs, which I found in a vintage store. Finding great vintage mid-century is not always easy, and I would encourage you to go to trusted dealers, so you don’t end up with a paying a bunch for a replica piece. In the UK I suggest you check out Everything but the dog and in Denmark a store called Everclassic (they just opened up for international buyers) shown in the above photos. Both are great sites for making a good purchase, especially if you are not up for roaming flea markets yourself.

QUEER EYE cast on Netflix


I often struggle with finding good interior television shows, very often they are over the top, badly styled or on a tight budget so everything ends up being made out of MDF. New on Netflix is Queer Eye, and if you are my age, you might remember the show first aired in 2003, but now Netflix is airing it with a whole new cast – including Bobby Berk, who has taken on the role as the interior dude in the show. And I have to say, in 7 out of the 8 episodes of season 1, he is actually doing a pretty great job. As for the rest of the guys in the show, some are a bit over the top for my taste, but I still binged season 1 in a day.

See you soon again, in April! - Allan Torp

[Editor's Note: All grooming products book are gifted as part of reviewing for this column in partnership between Allan Torp and the brands. This review is provided by Allan Torp for decor8, any collaborations are his own. All words and opinions are his own.]