Milan Design Week 2019: Spotlight on Italian Brands with DDN Magazine

Hey guys, how are you? I was not able to go to Design Week in Milan this year (boooooo) which meant that I had to use Instagram to follow my friends virtually all last week to see Milan through their eyes. I had total FOMO the whole time, but I felt a bit like I was there which was great - thank god for Instagram and blogs. Anyway, for the past few years, I normally pull together my Milan reviews on decor8 but since I can’t this year, I decided to pull in the big guns… blogger queen Agata Dimmich from Passionshake. She’s here today to show 5 brands that caught her eye from Design Week in collaboration with our client, DDN magazine, as part of the Blog Safari Tour that she went on, and will detail more below. Let’s get started.

Agata Dimmich
Agata Dimmich reporting from Milan! :)

Agata Dimmich reporting from Milan! :)

Holly: Hey there Agata, thanks for stopping in today. So, tell us about yourself for those who don’t you already, and why do you enjoy Milan design week each year?

Agata: I’m working in the design field as a stylist, blogger and I develop concepts for brands, among other creative projects, which means I’m living a creative life everyday. This also creates a need for me to be on the prowl for inspiration and new ideas constantly - to stay fresh and even to be a step ahead, for my clients. One of the best ways to do that is to explore the latest concepts in design, learn about the new trends, try to spot the trends to come, and to meet current and future clients at Milan Design Week. I have to say, each year I'm blown away by seeing brands come up with spaces that are full of imagination, contrast and unexpected combinations. Just wow! It is the most important week for interior design, in my opinion.

Holly: Tell us about the Salone del Mobile (at the fairgrounds) - what is it and what do you love about this fair?

Agata: Milan is a fantastic place for design because most of the world's best known brands with a long tradition exhibit here. I love that Salone del Mobile is not "just" a fair anymore. In the past years it became the creative hub for all design enthusiasts, where like-minded professionals have a chance to network and meet, where the most innovative concepts are being discussed and shared.

Holly: Tell us about this blog tour from DDN - what is it?

Agata: A great initiative of DDN magazine is to invite a group of international bloggers and organize guided tours through Salone del Mobile each year. They call it the 'Blog Safari' and together with the bloggers, the magazine visits iconic italian brands. It's very exclusive giving us (the selected bloggers) the chance to talk directly to the designers and hear the stories behind their new collections. A real treat for design-enthusiasts like us!

DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan

The bloggers this year were: (top row, left to right): DDN Blog (Rebecca), Interiors Design Blog (Ula), DDN Founder - Francesca, (bottom row, left to right): That Scandinavian Feeling (Ingrid), Italian Bark (Elisabetta) Passionshake (Agata), Trendstefan (Stefan).

Holly: Which brands did you see during Blog Safari this year?

Agata: This year we visited:

Holly: Please tell us what bloggers do on the Blog Safari and how long it takes, etc.

Agata: As design bloggers we enjoy scouting the fairs to explore latest trends and collections. Blog Safari is a perfect place to do that in style. We interview designers and share favourite finds with our followers after the fair, but even during the fair through live videos on Instagram, Insta Stories, and Instagram photos. Different bloggers lend a unique point of view adding variety of what is currently trending. It takes about 4-5 hours including lunch in the VIP Red Lounge.

Holly: Which brand or brands that you visited most reflects your personal style?

Agata: That’s a hard choice but if I had to pick just one I think it would be Boffi and DePadova this year. The showroom was gorgeously designed, celebrating functionality and simplicity from floor to ceiling which resulted in minimal chic which very much reflects my personal style as you might know.

Holly: Is there anything you'd LOVE to own that you saw on this tour?

Agata: Oh yes, so many things! The round armchairs from Poliform, the lava coffee table from Flou, table and bed frames from Boffi and DePadova, the modular garden furniture from Nardi and of course the first AI chair from Kartell, just to name a few!

So, now it’s time to see what you saw, what you loved, and why. Let’s go. First up….


Poliform: I loved the fluid, soft forms and materials because they gave a sense of perfect relaxation and provided a sanctuary. There was no harsh angles or vibrant colors. Poliform presented not only furniture but a way of living.

DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - POLIFORM
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - POLIFORM
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - POLIFORM


Flou: The lighting and the new system Leonardo really caught my eye this year. Lighting is what defines spaces and sets the mood, marking the transition from an intimate, peaceful atmosphere to a more vibrant one.

DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - FLOU
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - FLOU
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - FLOU
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - FLOU
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - FLOU


Boffi & De Padova: I really liked the Erei day bed and sense of harmony across the showroom overall. Soft, sculptural features and a perfectly minimal chaise lounge which represents harmonious design.

DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - BOFFI + DE PADOVA
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - BOFFI + DE PADOVA
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - BOFFI + DE PADOVA


Nardi: What was so nice about Nardi was to see the outdoor furniture in pretty pastel shades. The colors are eye-catching and playful just like the overall system itself. The furniture is modular - a big trend at the moment so it was designed in a way to be very easily moved around and transformed to fit every situation – garden party, apertitvo with friends, relaxed moments alone… It will only take few seconds to adjust the set to customize your outdoor “experience”. More and more, people want customizable options with design to fit their lifestyle.

DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - NARDI
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - NARDI


Kartell: The very visual, styled spaces at “Kartell Windows” really stood out for me. KARTELL WINDOWS” is a project that transformed the stand into a walk through experience with 22 windows, each showed products displayed that mixed historical pieces with new additions. Each window gave us great ideas for our own home.

DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - KARTELL
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - KARTELL
DDN Blog Safari 2019 Milan - KARTELL

Thank you Agata for your summary on decor8 about your blog tour with DDN Magazine. Please check out Agata’s other post on her own blog about this same tour, only it spotlights the top 5 trends that she saw while on the blog safari.

Have a great day, everyone and thank you so much Agata for stopping by!



(Photography: Agata Dimmich)

Editor’s Note: This post is co-sponsored by DDN Magazine in connection with Passionshake. All photos, thoughts and the overall review is based on the reportage of Agata Dimmich. Everything shown was her my choice, and everything stated was based on her personal experience. Thank you for supporting the brands and partners who collaborate with decor8 to bring interesting, truthful content to this blog.

Beautiful Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations

Hello everyone, with Easter approaching fast, I will quickly show you my table decoration for this year plus a delicious cake that you’ll love. But first, hi, this is Anke Illner back with another column for everyone who loves to set a table (and eat!). Let’s get started, shall we?

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


I combined long birch branches with dried hydrangea from our garden. When my husband cut back the hydrangea bushes the other day, I saved some twigs as I like the tender and fragile look of the faded tiny flowers so much. It turned out they look beautiful in my floral wall hanging (scroll down for that). Also, you can see some white and greenish ranunculus mixed in on the table.

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


My white tableware teamed up with some pieces from the Lyngby Rhombe Collection such as the tall vase, porcelain Easter eggs, platter and candle holder. In my opinion the delicate rhombe relief pattern suits perfectly on festive occasions like Easter and adds some elegance to your table.

Instead of a tablecloth. I used long sheets of transparent white paper on top of my white tabletop giving the overall style a look of lightness even on such a long table. White baking parchment is a good choice as it comes rolled up and you can cut it exactly the size needed. Also I like an irregular arrangement of the paper on the table, playing with the lengths.


Each linen napkin is decorated with a small birch twig and a tiny white blossom made of flower tissue paper. The blossoms are easily made by simply cutting round shapes out of the paper, forming a blossom and „turning“ a little stem between your fingers. So make some more paper flowers and spread them on the table!

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


Easter Sunday without a sweet treat? No way! I made a Pistachio Cake following a recipe by Sally/ sallysbakingaddiction and I can highly recommend it! You will be rewarded with the most delicious, moist pistachio sponge. I enjoyed making this cake very much.

On top, I’ve decorated it with ground and chopped pistachios and chocolate Easter eggs. It may be nice to note that I did not use any food coloring but took the pistachios you find on the supermarket shelf with the baking ingredients because those are extremely green!

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations
Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations


First I thought about making a classic wreath but decided upon imperfection instead. For a wall hanging like mine take one long branch, attach a string to both ends and tie twigs of different lengths onto the branch. Then attach Easter eggs or other pendants of your choice. Finally, add the voluminous pieces like ranunculus and dried hydrangea. I use raffia to tie.

Delicious Easter Cake + Easter Tabletop Decorations

I hope you like my Easter table 2019, maybe you found inspiration for your celebration next weekend. Many of the ideas shown can be realized almost last minute if you ask me.

HAPPY EASTER to all of you, dear decor8 readers! Love, Anke

(Photography/Text/Concept + Styling: Anke Illner)

4 Simple DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring

Hey there! It is officially Spring, in fact I just celebrated my birthday last Thursday on the first day of Spring so that’s one date I never forget. I love this time of year (you too???), but it’s not very warm yet where I live so I’m at home a lot doing some low key stuff and planning for my balcony and wintergarten spruce-up which will take place sometime in April. I can’t wait because nothing feels better than evenings out on the balcony with some Rosé and a friend! Am I right or am I right girls?

SO! Today I want to show you some simple and cute wreaths for Spring that I made before my birthday. I’ll admit right now that I’m not the Martha Stewart of wreaths in any sense (oh hell no), but I bet a lot of you are which means that you can use my ideas as sort of a template or springboard to make your own, way cooler, versions.

My wreaths are super simple and cute and can be done in under 30 minutes. That means you can make a few while you Netflix. Also, you can even make them with your children, because they are totally easy enough for a child to make. Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn’t say much for my crafting competence, but whatever (ha ha). Let’s get started.

4 Unusual DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • 1 gold hoop from the craft store (mine is from Sostrene Grene)

  • off-white yarn

  • scissors (duh)

  • leather string in natural

  • some beads in natural, dark gray and white (mine are from Sostrene Grene)

  • nylon transparent cord (the kind you use for making necklaces)

  • 3 white paper ferns (from my DEPOT collection, or make your own by tracing a fern with pencil and cut it out carefully)


Make a pattern on the hoop using your yarn, in anyway you like! Do your thing! Then, add some leather cord with beads on it. You can add more than one cord, again, be creative. On the bottom, hang your ferns in different lengths using nylon cord. Could this be any easier?

4 Unusual DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • Metal hoop, just the cheapest because you cover it anyway

  • grosgrain ribbon (looks fancy)

  • butterfly from craft store (or anything you want to use here to “embellish”

  • dried flowers

  • wire (that bends easily, is easy to work with using bare hands)

  • wire cutters (please don’t use your scissors)

  • scissors

  • Dried flowers (I’ve used baby’s breath that was dyed first in rainbow colors)


Starting at the where you determine the bottom to be, wrap the hoop with ribbon all the way to the top and tie. Then wrap the other side and tie at the top. On the bottom, use wire and create small bouquets of dried flowers in your hand, wrap them with wire, then wire them onto the hoop, slightly layering one “bouquet” over the other. Add three long ribbons to drape, and a butterfly. That’s it.

4 Simple DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • Ribbons you love, a good mix

  • Fabrics, cotton (thin) that tear easily

  • Scissors

  • leather cord

  • beads

  • Hoop (something cheap, doesn’t have to be pretty, you will cover it anyway)

  • small piece of slim white yarn


This is the most time-consuming out of the 4 wreaths in this post, but it still only took me exactly 30 minutes and a few “F” bombs because the stupid ribbon and wrapping it… well it’s kinda a pain until you get the hang of it and sometimes I’m not that patient. OK. First, wrap ribbon around the hoop, I’ve used satin and found it really easy to wrap. Once the wrapping is finished, determine the length of the fabrics and ribbons. You may need to hold the hoop where you plan to hang it because the furniture around it may determine the length for you. Regardless, once you have an idea of how long you’d like them to hang, start cutting and securing to the hoop. Then, add some leather cords - place some beads on them, and tie at the end in a double knot so the beads don’t slip off (sorry, this is sooooo common sense here, but you know, there is always someone…. ha ha). Next, tie a loop of white yard at the top and hang on a nail. DONE.

4 Unusual DIY Wreath Ideas For Spring



  • nylon transparent cord (the kind you use for making necklaces)

  • grosgrain ribbon in a color you love

  • 2 white paper ferns (from my DEPOT collection, or make your own by tracing a fern with pencil and cut it out carefully)

  • matte gold hoop (silver looks cheap)

  • scissors

  • hot glue + gun


  • Apply the two ferns with hot glue, layering them slightly

  • Add ribbon to the top

  • hang from the ceiling on nylon transparent cord so that it moves around a little, which can be strangely pretty and calming

If you try these out, show me on Instagram by using hashtag #MYDECOR8 - I’d love to see how you’ve used my recipes above in your own unique way. Also want to note that my lovely friend Gabi from Mooi Moin in Hannover helped me with the Minimalist wreath shown above, that’s her modeling for me!

Lots of love to you all, and happy Spring to you!


(Photography: HOLLY BECKER)

Let's Talk To Oh Joy!

Today I’m talking to Blog royalty and total girl boss Joy Cho from Oh Joy! based in Los Angeles, California and I’m so happy to share insights from Joy about her life and work along with photos of her work space and shots of some of her designs. God, I like to learn how successful think, don’t you?

I first “discovered” this amazing lady through blogging wayyyyyy back in the dinosaur age, in 2005, about 4 months before I started this blog. We even spoke on the phone back then (no smart phones then, remember, most people still used a phone IN THE HOUSE) a few times. I remember one call, she was living in Philly and struggling with whether or not to relocate back to NYC for work. She decided not to, and put her focus on her blog. SMART MOVE.

Years later, Joy doesn’t need to rely on anyone or any location - she is a total BOSS who works with dozens of brands and is herself a brand - Oh Joy! designs for companies all over North America but the most impressive to me was her collab with Target - one of the most beloved chains in the United States. I am totally proud of her because she’s one of the few bloggers from back then who still keep in touch with me and who make time to reply to messages in spite of all of her success. You wouldn’t believe how many big bloggers don’t make that personal connection anymore, ignoring Insta messages, etc. NOT JOY. She’s on the ball and keeps it real. That’s one thing of many that I love about her.

Anyway, I had a chat with Joy and asked her a few things about her space, her business and how blogging changed her life. Wanna listen in?

Joy Cho - Let's Talk To Oh Joy!

 So tell me, what is Oh Joy! mainly doing these days as a business? 

Oh Joy! is a lifestyle brand that includes both daily editorial content and a design studio with a wide range of licensed products including home decor, baby & nursery, pet and accessories. Our goal is to bring joy to people every day in a variety of ways.

Have you ever thought to start your own company designing products under an Oh Joy! label, or do you prefer licensing and collaborating with more established brands?

I have manufactured my own product in the past, but for now, I prefer to partner with established brands that already make great products that I support and would love to work with. Licensing allows me to have my hands in a variety of different categories that I wouldn’t be able to design if we manufactured it all ourselves.

Oh Joy! Desk

Oh Joy! Desk

What do you enjoy most about your job each day?

My very favorite thing about having this job is that I’ve built a business from nothing doing the things I love. I have grown a talented team who I couldn’t do all of this without, and I get to show my daughters that you can be whatever you want to be with a lot of hard work and dedication to your passion.

Where do you see Oh Joy! in 5 years?

I would love to continue to grow our product collaborations into clothing (both for kids and for women), and I’d love to be able to get back to consulting for small business in some way.

You started off as a blogger, like me. How did blogging changed your life?

I started my blog in 2005 as a place to keep my inspirations during a time when I had a lot of transition - new apartment, new city, newly engaged, and job hunting! The site slowly became read by more and more people and it helped me to be able to launch my own design studio due to the clients I was getting from people who read the blog. It really changed the course of my career forever.

Oh Joy! Executive Office

Oh Joy! Executive Office

Blogging has changed SO MUCH since the early days though, what do you miss most?

I miss the interactivity of it. Blogs were king back in the day, and now we have Instagram and other social media sites that take up more of everyone’s daily attention. It’s the same interaction but you get it in different places and in different ways now. Everyone wants quicker and faster these days, so some of the content we could do 10 years ago isn’t the same as how people digest information now. It’s ever-evolving, and I do my best to keep up with what makes sense for now rather than live in the past.

What is your ultimate Oh Joy career dream? What would you love to do?

Oh Joy Mini Van, Oh Joy Airplane, Oh Joy Hotel ;)

Wow, you aim high! But you must have some lows. What do you battle with that you have to fight on a regular basis?

There is always the juggle to make every part of my life work—I have a very busy full-time job, a team to lead, children to raise into good humans, and a personal life which I'm trying to maintain on some level with friends and family. I think this will always be an on-going struggle but I do my best to let others help where I can and prioritize what’s most important.

Oh Joy! Craft Room

Oh Joy! Craft Room

Oh yes, #momlife. I totally understand the juggle. Tell us, for you, what have been some joys of motherhood?

Oh man, my favorite things are seeing how my kids pick up on what I teach them—whether it’s something I realize they are learning from me or not. They love to dance and I find them imitating my terrible dance moves. But it’s so cute on them!

I think you have some good moves Joy. In fact, I notice you dancing on your Instagram Stories all of a sudden and often. Good for you. So, what are some things you were surprised to learn about being a mom?

Children are always watching and always mimicking behavior.  I probably knew this before I was a mom, but seeing my children say things I say or use my gestures/walk like me, etc. is really wild.  It makes me very aware of the things I say in front of my kids and the way I behave. Of course, it makes me want to be a great example for them and inspire them!

Oh Joy! Office with Mural

Oh Joy! Office with Mural

What are some of the things no one told you about parenting that you’re glad they didn’t!?

They never tell you how emotionally exhausting it can be. Sometimes every single part of you is drained, but you can’t just stop and not parent. You’ve got to be “on” and helping these little humans become good people—it’s not easy!

Yes, I hear ya. But you do a great job momming, Joy. So now, I have to ask you about your space, because it’s so cute. What do you enjoy most about it?

We love the new(ish) Oh Joy! studio because we have tons of space as compared to our old studio. It’s large and open but  has clearly defined sections to maximize use for everyone’s work. Once we established various sections of the office, it made sense for me to have an "executive" office since I am in meetings and phone calls a lot and for the styling/craft team to have room in the back where they could work on messier projects and have easy access their everyday supplies. There is one larger space where more than half of the Oh Joy! team (design, e-commerce, social media, and admin) spends their day. We also have common areas like our kitchen and dining table that we use daily

Oh Joy! Kitchen

Oh Joy! Kitchen

Oh Joy! Kitchen

Oh Joy! Kitchen

Tell us more… Who designed it?

We have several spaces in our studio - the Craft Room, the Shoot Space, the Kitchen, the Main Office, and my Executive Office. The Craft Room was designed by the IKEA Home Tour Squad, and they used IKEA kitchen items to make it totally functional and amazing! The Kitchen, Main Office and Executive Office were designed by my talented friend, Sarah Sherman Samuel, who worked with my inspiration of Oh Joy! color and whimsy to make it just the right mix of sophisticated and whimsical.

What features in the space do you love the most and why?

I love the mix of openness that makes it feel airy and easy for everyone to communicate but also the clear division of sections. Our previous space was one open area so if one area was messy or in the middle of a project you could see it from anywhere, now it’s easier to content the beautiful messes when we need to have clients or visitors to the space and everyone can still go about their daily work.

Oh Joy! Main Office

Oh Joy! Main Office

Okay, quickly… Favorites!



Guilty Pleasure?

Massages once a month!


Fried Chicken Sandwich from Howlin’ Rays

Let's Talk To Oh Joy!
Let's Talk To Oh Joy!
Let's Talk To Oh Joy!

And before I go, one product that you designed last year really caught my eye, your new WASHABLE rugs. I can’t tell you much I think this concept rocks! Tell us more…

We have partnered with Lorena Canals (whose rugs we have used in the studio for years because we love the colors and patterns) to make a collection of HAPPY Rugs!  We have six patterns: Happy Hills, Happy Lanes, Happy Prism, Happy Day, Happy Party, and Happy Daisies. Each are about 4.5' x 6.5’ and the very best part of all Lorena Canals rugs - they’re machine washable.  Perfect for kids, pets, and honestly everyone! Just throw your rug in the washer - it’s that easy!  (Note: You can buy them online here.)

Thank you so much Joy for visiting us today on decor8, lovely to have you here and wish you a wonderful and delightful year and also, much luck on your first home the building project! Readers, Joy is building her first home in LA and she is documenting every detail on video HERE - don’t miss it! Also, Joy just started teaching online and created Oh Joy! Academy so definitely check out her classes HERE.



Photography with permission: Kitchen photos by: Monica Wang, Main Space (desks + mural) photos by: Jeff Mindell, Joy’s Executive Office photos by: Tessa Neustadt, Lorena Canals Rugs photos by: Lily Glass, Craft Room photos by: IKEA)

Travel At Home With The Perfect Bed: Matri By Fennobed

I can’t wait to show you my bedroom but most of all, to tell you all about MATRI by Fennobed. What a gem I found! But first, a little background… I travel often enough to say that the best bed in the world is truly your own! There is nothing like coming home to sink into your cozy nest, with your familiar surroundings, linens, and the wonderful feel of your own mattress beneath you. Sadly though, a lot of people (including me until last year), don’t find their bed so cozy or their bedroom so nice to be in. Some prefer a 4 or 5 star hotel over their own bedroom because it’s so well designed and the mattress always feels so wonderful. People travel to be comfortable. Travel at home, I say!

Don’t you just want to sleep like a 5-year-old? Like my little boy shown below?

Isn’t that sad, to think about this, that people escape home to be in a nice surrounding, to feel good?

Matri by Fennobed

Shouldn’t YOUR HOME be better than any hotel, spa, or “retreat”? YES! Even if you aren’t rich (who really is!), it’s so important to put aside money until you can afford the bed of your dreams and the bedroom style and design that you love because you know what - WE HAVE ONE LIFE! It’s not to be wasted or to sit around hoping for “some day I will…”. It’s also silly to take vacations when your own bedroom isn’t a personal oasis. Stay home and skip the summer vacation if it means you can use the same money to make your sleep room amazing.

The time is now. Always NOW.


For several years, since I left the states and my boxspring bed system behind, I have been sleeping on the famous German lattenrost system. It’s a mattress about half the thickness of a US one, on top of wooden slates. They snap at times, and you have to replace the slates. You can break them from all sorts of things, your child decides to jump on the bed, you have a really wild night with your partner (!), you simply get into bed too fast or fall in on the “wrong” angle, like with your knee, and CRACK.

Sure, you can get varying degrees of "lattenrost”, the cheap college version are ones you can order at IKEA or Amazon, but you can level up to get systems that are not made of wood at all but of flexible plastic lattenrost. And okay, those are fine and lots of people are having great times on the high quality lattenrost. BUT, at the end of the day, they are still NOT a boxspring with a mattress on top which is, to me, the ultimate, superior, sleep system. Plus, when you grow up used to a boxspring, there is no going back.


Funny fact, in Germany at most hotels, it’s always a boxspring system that you sleep on. Why? I asked around and found out that it is because they last the longest, are the most durable and definitely give the best sleep. So why are German homes filled with lattenrost? Honestly, I think it comes down to affordability FIRST and what you’re used to using SECOND. It’s cultural, like beer and currywurst, and you usually don’t question something that people have been doing and using for a million years because, well, it works.


But for me, this sleep system did not work for my back or my posture. I woke up a lot of mornings with numbness in my legs or feet. I thought I was getting some major illness. I dealt with back pain on and off since I moved to Germany but it didn’t occur to me that it was the support system BELOW the mattress. DUH. I bought new mattresses several times, blaming the mattress over and over again. It wasn’t ever the mattress. It was the lattenrost system in general. I started with the wooden ones and graduated to the plastic, more designer kind… But it still didn’t do anything. My back health still suffered.

Last year, I was in Finland at a big design fair called HABITARE and I saw a bed by MATRI that I loved and noticed it not only had a gorgeous headboard called LEMPI but an actual BOXSPRING system. I got a little giddy and definitely, excited. I stood there thinking, “Why don’t we have this brand in Germany, and why don’t I have a boxspring system in my home, how do I get one!?”. You can import them, at least last I checked, or buy them in Germany at some stores, but they are usually like 6 figures and that is, well, expensive even for someone like me who will save for months or years for something that I truly love or need.


Anyway, I loved the bed so much that I wrote to them to ask for a collab. They wrote back and before I knew it, they accepted. Matri is an original Finnish bed brand founded in 1986 and the beds are made in mainland Europe by skilled workers but, the best part for me is that the model I wanted was 100% eco-friendly, no harmful glues or anything at all, so completely allergy-free. I have allergies to glue and all of the stuff most beds are packed with (harmful chemicals, etc.) so I was so happily shocked. But the biggest shock was when they told me that they have a store IN HANNOVER under the name MATRI by Fennobed which is the name the company goes under in Germany. In Finland, they are just known as MATRI.

And yes, what are the chances that their shop where I could giddily bounce on mattresses (to test them), was only 5 MINUTES BY CAR FROM MY HOUSE.

I missed this store somehow in my daily life, but instantly I went and was greeted by the most caring and kind store manager, Basil Mahjoub, who explained all of the bests to me and what was best and what to look for and then we decided on a topper and a headboard… I could even pick the type of legs that I wanted and the height of the legs, and the bed skirt (length, style and color!). And only a few WEEKS later, the bed was IN MY HOME, installed by their team, looking better than I had imagined. But most of all…


The medieval horror, the lattenrost system, is gone from my life forever. POOF. Never again will I have a bed that makes me sick.


I sleep like an angel now. I feel great when I get into bed at night, I read books in bed again, I cuddle my son and read to him there, I even chat on Whatsapp in my bed while using one of those sheet masks on my face while I’m waiting for my toes to dry (pedicure). My room is my cuddle zone, my day spa, it’s where I love to be! I think the danger with loving my bed so much is that I don’t always want to LEAVE IT and “adult” each day, but that’s not a bad problem to have. Getting up each day refreshed and energized feels great, versus with sore legs and a headache or a bad shooting pain in my back like before. And those days of horrible sleep nights and waking up sore are gone now and I’m so happy.


Here is my bedroom below. I want to paint the walls and change the colors and the pendant and add blinds and change the rug, you know because I am ready to imagine the room differently now that I have a new bed to sleep on. I love my nightstands, lamps and my bed - those elements will stay for years and years. Especially that bed, OH YES. It’s all MINE. Travel at home!

My Bedroom and the Matri by Fennobed Headboard and Bedding System
Matri by Fennobed bedding system in the home of Holly Becker, decor8


If I can say anything about having a quality bed it is this, repeat after me, SAVE UP AND BUY A DAMN GOOD BED. Don’t settle. Even if you have to save up for a year, do it. It’s an investment, because you can keep a good mattress and boxspring like mine for 10 years - maybe more if you take good care of it.

Make your home, and especially your bedroom, a haven. And with a bed like this, you really can. The downside is… 4 and 5 star hotels don’t impress me anymore because I prefer my own bedroom better. That’s rather nice though, isn’t it?

LEMPI headboard, rattan, by MATRI
LEMPI headboard Matri by Fennobed
Matri by Fennobed
Matri by Fennobed
Matri by Fennobed


  • HILJA Continental 180x200 cm / FIRM / Matratze + Unterbett

  • Lempi headboard 190x65 Rattan, Massiv Esche

  • Mio Plus Topper 180 x 200 cm

  • ALASKA skirting - HALF - 180 x 200, 100% Baumwolle, Farbe 11311, Höhe 33 cm

  • Bed feet - Quader light, Birke, 15 cm

Thank you Matri by Fennobed for giving me a 5 star sleep system at home, I love it!

(Photographs: Holly Becker)

This post is sponsored by Matri by Fennobed. All words, photos, thoughts and the review is my own opinion. Everything that I selected for my bed was 100% my choice, and everything I said about the bed is the truth, you can believe it! I would never partner with or share a product that I don’t love. Thank you!

March Dinner Party Inspiration in Blush Pink Linen + Fresh Flowers

SPRING IS IN THE AIR! (At least in Germany it is!) So let us welcome tender blossoms and sofa shades at home, what do you think? This is Anke, back with a new tabletop column for you after a winter break. I hope you are well, dear readers! Are you ready to be inspired for your next dinner party?



The materials and props that I chose this time around are glass, vases and tealight holders, as it helps to create a light and fresh feeling, which is exactly what we want after dark winter months, right!? You will also see fine linen.

These beautiful blush pink linen napkins (Serviette Leinen) are from Holly’s exclusive and limited edition for DEPOT (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) that is available only until 21 March, 2019 - and definitely my favorite styling item on the table. Besides the color, they are quite impressive with their wonderful texture.

Tiny three-footed pottery coasters (Untersetzer Holly) are on trend with a handmade look, also from the same collection, and hold coarse sea salt next to each guest’s plate.

And there is my white tableware of course, the perfect pieces which complement almost any tabletop theme.

March Dinner Party Inspiration With Pale Salmon + Fresh Flowers
March Dinner Party Inspiration With Pale Salmon + Fresh Flowers


A large glass vase is holding flowering quince while smaller vases are filled with Ranunculus, Tulips, Cloves and delicate blooming twigs.

March Dinner Party Inspiration With Pale Salmon + Fresh Flowers
March Dinner Party Inspiration With Pale Salmon + Fresh Flowers


Matching to the season, a delicious and eye-catching appetizer for guests is this Blood Orange and Fennel Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella, Pomegranate Seeds & Smoked Almonds. It is beautiful to arrange on a big plate and heavenly aromatic. I served fresh baguette with it.

March Dinner Party Inspiration With Pale Salmon + Fresh Flowers


As mentioned above I like the linen napkins a lot. It made me think how I could possibly use them apart from their intended purpose. I tried with knotting them together to a linen garland and was quite happy with the result!

March Dinner Party Inspiration With Pale Salmon + Fresh Flowers

I hope one or other of my springlike tabletop ideas is inspiring for you and if so would love to know which one! Have a good and pleasant time, dear decor8 readers!- Love, Anke

(Styling/Photography: Anke Illner, Fantastisch)